Some Best Home Security Gadgets

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Some Best Home Security GadgetsEntrepreneurs, inventors, designers, and companies have been trying to get a well developed home security system for years now. In many ways, the dream of  fully developed home security improvement still may be a few years out. However, that hasn’t stopped company after company trying to dip their toe into the water, each hoping to get a piece of the pie.Smart technology and expert design have begun their creep into the company meeting room and beyond in our homes. Each of these spectacular home security gadgets  are well deserving of a place in your home.

  •  Fog Shield
Some homes and businesses feel they need an added layer of security and a fog shield does just that. This device can be set to trip sensors and when set off can emit enough fog to cover 2,000 square feet in only 15 seconds. Of course, fog wont necessarily be enough to keep the robber out of a home, but this will certainly confuse them and likely scare them away.
  •  Mind Controlled Robot-Dog
Dogs can be an excellent way to protect your home. A recent article in Dig Info discusses how researchers are developing robots that could be controlled solely with the brain. One of these robots comes with a security camera and is called the robot-dog.That moves around on wheels and is controlled by what the viewer does with his or her head. This even has speakers on it you can talk through to warn a robber to get out of your home. Imagine what a surprise this would be.
  • Fake TV Deterrent
Obviously the best way to keep robbers out is to make it look like you are at home. Some people will leave lights or the TV on but this drains the electricity bill. However this device creates moving LED lights that project onto the wall and make it look like a TV is on. This has a timer so you could set it for however many hours you want. No one will take the chance of breaking in if they think you are sitting on the couch watching a show.
  • Twittering Laser Tripwire with Camera
Some people have found a way to set up a tripwire which will tweet when touched. Additionally this will take a picture of the guilty intruder and post it immediately online. The burglar may not know what happened but he/she will have a hard time staying hidden after the police see his face.

  • Automatic Dog Barker
Robbers hate dogs. They are noisy and could be extremely dangerous if they are big enough. If you can not afford or are unwilling to buy a real life German Sheppard to protect your home, this could be the next best option. A motion detector will turn on the machine, which very accurately sounds like a barking dog. At first the machine gives off a warning bark but if the intruder doesn’t go away it become more and more aggressive.

There are now many home security gadgets which can keep your home safer. These range from webcam apps for seeing your home from far away to little devices which produce exactly the same sort of light as a switched on television. The truth is that we now have a lot of security options which were never available in the past and it would seem foolish


  1. Lots of these products needs to be used for home security. More gadgets to choose from nowadays.

  2. Letting people know that you are home even if not can really deter robbers.

  3. This is a must when you have a million worth of business