12 Hot Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

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Hot Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree
             The economy may have yet to recover from its implosion a few years ago, but you still have bills to pay, rent checks to write and a healthy drinking habit to support, which means you need money. "I'm not qualified for anything, I don't have my degree," you might say to yourself. That's loser talk. Whoever said that you need to write the letters B.A. after your name was full of BS.
The obvious answer to your problem is "entrepreneur," but we've decided to leave that off the list since we haven't seen too many postings for "entrepreneur" on Craigslist or CareerBuilder lately. In other words, you can’t apply to be an entrepreneur, you just have to do it.
Here are the some best jobs that you can apply for and build a career around without earning a four-year degree. Plus, you might just get a parade in your honor with one of these. Try and guess which one.So,here we're going to provide  a list of the top 10 hottest jobs that don’t require you to have a college degree.

  • Air Traffic controller
Salary: $102,030
An Air Traffic Controller manages traffic over airports, and directs planes that are inbound or taking off. It does not require any special qualifications. It does, however, need you to have good communication skills, with fluency in at least the English language.

  •  Police Supervisor 
Salary:  $64,430
A Police Supervisor’s job is to take charge of investigations or detective work, which could be challenging. It requires good analytical skills, but no degree. This job could be dangerous though.

  • Sales manager
Salary:  $59,300
Sales managers help companies generate business by contacting potential customers and selling them products. Some companies do require sales managers to have a degree, but only about one-third sales managers have a bachelor’s degree.

  • Real Estate Broker 
Salary: $58,720
This is perhaps the most popular job that doesn’t require you to have a degree. There are lots of millionaire real estate brokers who don’t have a college degree, but have made fortunes. Real estate brokering requires no special skills. You just need to be open to risk taking and investment, and money will find its way to you.

  •  Commercial Pilot 
Salary:  $53,870
Piloting is perhaps one of the most fun jobs. And it pays quite well too! Besides, you get to travel around the world! It’s a job involving a very high responsibility though.

  • Plumber/Electrician 
Salary:  $48,250
Electricians install and maintain electrical systems in homes, businesses and factories. Although most electricians learn through a formal apprenticeship, some start out by attending a technical school. Most states require licensing.

  • Dental Hygienist 
Salary: $48,150
A dental hygienist is responsible for oral hygiene. Although it does not require a 4+ year degree in medicine, it does require an associate degree, with some training.

  • Radiation Therapist 
Salary:  $47,800
Radiation therapists treat cancer and other diseases in patients by giving radiation treatments. Like dental hygienists, they don’t need to be fully qualified doctors, but they do need to have a certain training experience, and are supervised by senior doctors. They are responsible for operating the machines, and handling the technical aspect of radiology.

  • Web Developer 
Salary:  $45,000
The web is perhaps the fastest growing industry ever. And web developers are more in demand now than ever. Web development is fun! And it’s not very difficult to learn. Anybody can learn the necessary skills and start developing great websites!

  • Truck driver

Salary: $42,000
The lure of the open road can be the biggest perk of all. Not only that, but truck drivers are responsible for just about everything that happens in the economy. Sure, you can buy it online, but how are they going to get it to you? The truck isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

  •  Surveyor 
Salary:  $31,000
Surveyors conduct surveys for companies for market research about a certain project. This involves socializing with people, and asking them for feedback regarding a certain product.

  •  Mechanic

Salary:  $30,584 
Want to be the envy of all your worthless liberal arts degree-having friends? Become a mechanic. Being able to fix cars around these people is like having a license to print money. Plus, it's a damned respectable and professional career choice.

Starting as a mechanic usually involves being an apprentice. You know, how useful education used to be passed along before everyone decided you should have letters after your name?

Most truck drivers have at least their high-school degree and many more beyond that go to truck driving school to learn to drive 18-wheel behemoths.

So if you're having financial problem then you can try any of these jobs which don't require any degree at all.So have you tried any other such jobs which you think should be enlisted into this article,then do let us know through your comments. 


  1. It's better really to have a degree of what you want in life. Well, if and when this happens, maybe, I'll do the same. A helpful article for this purpose.

  2. First one - Air Traffic Controller surprised me :)

  3. Wow! I had no idea that you don't need a degree to be an air traffic controller! Itcs such a big responsibility to control air traffic! Maybe a certain qualification should be put in place, or is there one already

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  5. Real Estate broker can really be a goo job that requires more on speaking skills than a degree.

  6. The list shows good salary, but i will choose the path of being an entrepreneur

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