Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World

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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The WorldThe concept of sports can be dated back to around 2000 BC, where gymnastics was probably one of the first - and most popular - sports of that era. In those days sports were simple games of endurance and skill, and acted as training grounds as well as competitions for the entertainment of the masses. Some of these sports, such as the early Mesoamerican ballgame, were incredibly violent, even deadly, and had ritualistic meaning to their cultures.

There are a few ways of going about mapping the most popular sports in the world. On the one hand, we could define the term "popular" as "most watched" - in which case we would try to measure the fan base for each type of sport. Another option could be to measure the "most played" sports in the world - in which case we would have a much more difficult time, as we'd have to somehow determine how many people are playing each sport, on average, per country.

Today's list will attempt to come to a conclusion regarding the most viewed sports around the globe, as a function of the number of fans - as estimated through participation and media coverage. This way we can use existing data sets to arrive at the most accurate conclusion.


it is the most expensive sport in the world. It shares the same popularity as that of ice hockey. But its popularity among some countries like USA, Asia and Australia have managed to get it ranked higher. It requires expensive tools and equipments and also a finely chopped garden. Many believe that this is not a real sport it is more a luxury. Few find it very boring to watch as it is a slow game. Tiger wood is a known name in the field of golf. The game requires the player to put the ball into a hole using his or her golf stick.

9. Table tennis

Around 900 million fans from Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas makes Table Tennis 7th most popular sports in the world.Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using table tennis rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. Except for the initial serve, players must allow a ball played toward them only one bounce on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side.

8. Rugby Football

it is a football named after a school. This game is full of fun, thrill and excitement. In France, Australia, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Argentina and also Fiji rugby league is very famous. It is one of the most popular sports in more than six countries. There are 200 million viewers making it eight most famous sports all over the world. The players need to be healthy, physically fit and above all they are expected to be swift and have control over their nerves. International rugby board is responsible for promoting this game worldwide.

7. Volleyball

It is a popular sport not only among men but also among women. In 100 countries volleyball is played at professional level. The game is not popular in any specific country but is enjoyed by all worldwide. Again it is popular among Americans and in rural areas of sub continent. It is an easy game which requires two team competing with each other. Each team consists of five to six members. FIVB is responsible for promoting volleyball all over the world. It has more than 200 million followers worldwide. This is a loved sport on beaches and also used to enhance the enjoyment of beach lovers.

6. Baseball

According to Harris Interactive, in 1985, pro football and baseball were essentially tied as the most popular sport in America. In 2013, football was two-and-a-half times more popular than baseball. Not only that, but college football, despite its "amateur" status, is closing in on baseball for number two. 

Fortunately for baseball, no one else in the world cares about American football, so it's still huge elsewhere. It's the most popular sport in Venezuela, Cuba and the Dominican Republic and in the top 10 of a lot of very populous countries.

5. Basketball

Developed in America in the late 19th century, the first century of the sport was dominated by Americans. As it has slowly spread throughout the world, other countries have developed great talent - Lithuania, Argentina and Australia have all become competitive. The growth is partially spurred by the urbanization of the globe, as basketball is one of few sports that can be played in minimal amounts of space in urban environments. International leagues in Greece, Israel, and Japan now attract American players who can't quite make it into the American National Basketball Association or are on the down slope of their careers, while top talent from countries such as Germany (Dirk Nowitzki), France (Tony Parker), Spain (Pau and Marc Gasol) and Canada (Steve Nash) are making an impact in America, including winning MVP titles.

4. Hockey

It is the most exciting sport to watch which holds this sport tight at the position number four. From last 50 years South-east Asia is dominating the world of hockey. It is very popular among common wealth game nations, especially in India, Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan, Argentina, South Korea, Malaysia and parts of Africa. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan and India. Worldwide there are 0.32 billion followers making it one of the most popular sport in the world. This sport require eleven people in each team, two teams play at a time just like soccer where they try to place the ball in a net.

3. Tennis

It is the third most loved sport all over the world. It might not be popular sport in many countries but certainly holds a strong position among all the sports worldwide. USA, Australia, Europe, India and parts of Asia are some of the countries where Tennis is very popular. The fan following of this sport alone forms a combined population of more than two billion people. It is said to be an expensive sport to learn as well as to play therefore, it is a rich man’s sport. The Grand Slam event is a famous exciting occasion for all Tennis viewers. It is considered to be most prestigious sports as a career for females.

2. Cricket

It is a game of gentleman. Primarily it was introduced by Britishers in their colonies all over the world. It is one of the most popular games in the sub continents. A bat and a ball is required to play this game, this too is an economical sport as compared to other sports we have. It is popular among 25 countries and in countries like India, England, Australia it is a religion than a game. Total of 1.63 billion cricket fans are there worldwide. Since decades this sport is sitting comfortably at No.2 position in the list of world’s popular sports. For years India is a financial nucleus of cricket, cricket is another religion here.

1. Football


It is the most loved sports all over the world. Association football, commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by using any part of the body besides the arms and hands to get the football into the opposing goal. The goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms while it is in play and then only in their penalty area..

Here we made a list of top 10 most popular sports all arond the world. Most popular” could mean “most watched,” “most played,” or “most revenue-generating” Sports.Here we mainly concentrate on the sports are most watched in the world. please feel free to leave a comment about the list.


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