5 Must Have Tech Devices for Job Search

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Some Must Have Tech Devices for Job SearchSearching for a job is truly time consuming. It’s always important to stay ahead of fellow candidate competition to make sure no opportunity is missed. Technology could enable you to move faster and more efficiently, so you could continue marketing yourself, searching and applying for jobs, and scheduling interviews. This is where being connected will set you apart. So it turns out your parents were wrong, those countless hours of being online weren’t in vain actually.

Spending money on tech when unemployed might seem like the last thing you wish to do, but this equipment may decide your next job offer.So here today we're going to share the top five essential devices for job seekers.

The latest Smartphone

If you’re going to an interview, pulling out the latest smartphone is impressive gesture. This may sound superfluous, but the latest must-have device will potentially spark conversation with the interviewer, and would demonstrate how tech-savvy you are. Smartphones are the modern day equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. Being able to use a smartphone to stay up-to-date with emails and job applications on the go could be the decisive factor for employers. You can discover a job vacancy via mobile you might be missed.

So go on, treat yourself to an smartphone. Think of it as an investment. Also this will change the way you interact with media, and you could start tweeting in style.

Battery Extender

External battery chargers might seem as the last thing on your ‘to buy’ list, but never underrate their usefulness. If you constantly use your smartphone and portable devices, you’ll become well-aware of questionable battery life of modern devices. With a quality portable battery charger, you will never miss any important calls again.

Look to sites like Amazon for positively-reviewed battery extenders before purchasing.There are continually great deals on these portable devices, so shop smart and to select the best option. 

If you continuously travel with tech, it's a must-have accessory. A good example of a quality battery extender is RAVPower Battery Extenders for not only your smartphone, but your other USB powered devices as well.

External Hard Drive

Buy an external hard drive.This advice doesn’t just apply to a job search but to life. As our society becomes more reliant on technology for important documents, it is vital to have backup versions of documents available. Hard drives might seem pricey, but there is nothing worse than losing a computer’s worth of important files, documents and pictures. Starting your CV from scratch after a hard drive failure is never fun.

Back up your data for peace of mind. Transferring files between computers is also relatively easy using all such devices. 

Mac & PC 

You probably have some kind of computer at your disposable, but is it the right kind of system for you?

Depending on your industry defines whether a Mac or PC is suited to your needs. Macs are great for media and design jobs, as an example, where PCs are great for programming and IT jobs. This should be your central hub for your job search, so replying to emails and job searching on this machine should be fast. If your machine is rapidly declining in speed, thi mat be the time to upgrade.

If you have extra disposable income, you could also consider purchasing a tablet. This might seem like a expensive addition, but if your career is very visual-based, being able to present your content in slides on a tablet is an impressive way of showcasing your work.


Smartwatches, The latest gimmick to hit consumer wallets. Admittedly this is not vital to everyone’s job search, but this could make a huge impression on employers to show you love the latest conceptual technology. Wearable technology could improve your job search by increasing your exposure to jobs, either on social media or via emails too.

The same rule is applied to all conceptual-based technology.So,if you went to an interview for a tech-based company wearing Google Glass it will definitely make a lasting impression to you. Staying ahead with new technology shows your up-to-date and open to new innovations.

So,what devices do you use in your job search? Let us know through your comments.


  1. In terms of practicality, I will go with smart watches, battery extender and phone. This will enable me to manage my time and look for the application spot as fast as i can.

  2. wow thanks for this post i must buy the external hard drive for having a back up files, now i am aware that there are other devices for job search.

  3. I think each of these complements each other. A battery extender can add battery life to your devices.

  4. I usually just use my laptop when I'm searching for jobs online. But I can see the usefulness of the other devices too for this purpose.

  5. I need this gadgets as I am searching for jobs online

  6. These gadgets are all must-haves when trying to do a job search but I think I can do with my laptop alone :)

  7. Smartwatches are quite expensive and I don't really get the point of getting one. I thin it acts exactly like a smartphone, only smaller.

  8. Not exactly a techie, but i think external hard drives and battery extenders are must-haves!