Best 5 Third-party Alternatives to Android Default On-screen Keyboards

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Best Third-party Alternatives to Android Default On-screen KeyboardsAndroid’s best thing is that you can customize it according to your needs and desires. It always fits in your style and let you flaunt it! Well, Android keyboards are no exception here! Since, they are in Android it means that you can customize them too without any limits or so!

Today we will be telling you how to change keyboard in Android and best keyboards for Android in 2015. Best keyboards for Android in 2015 are almost same as they were in 2014 because no good keyboard has been launched in the recent time.So before we share those keyboard alternatives first you need to know how to activate them.So let's go for it.

How to Activate Third-party On-screen Keyboards on Android

First it is very important that you know that third-party keyboards can harvest and transmit all text you enter (except passwords). And this includes personal data and credit card numbers. So only activate and use third-party keyboards from trusted developers and sources.
To active 3-party keyboards on Android 
  1. Go Settings >> Language and input.
  2. Check/select the desired keyboard and Ok the warning message.
  3. Go to any text field and tap on it.
  4. Now, go to Notifications and tap "Choose input method"
  5. Finally, choose the desired keyboard from the list and you're good to go.

Android Default Keyboards Third Party Alternatives

  • SwiftKey

The very famous Android keyboard which was paid earlier but last year it became free for all! The keyboard is very good looking and the best part about this is that it’s highly customize-able and you get lots of themes preinstalled in it which can help you to make it look even better. This keyboard is very good at swipe to type as well and it works on almost all devices! It comes pre-installed on some of new devices in market as well.

  • Swype 

Swype the competitor of the SwiftKey which is having a very good public standing in the playstore! The app comes with a number of features and the feature for which it’s most famous is swipe to type and it was actually made for that feature only, you can get that by reading it’s name. This app has been pre-installed on many new devices and it is being liked by people very much now a days! It has been killing the other keyboard apps on Apple’s App store as well.

  • Fleksy

The best thing about this app is that it predicts everything! The app is so smartly made that it predicts the word that you are going to type. Auto correct feature on this app works really great because it corrects the words depending upon your writing style.

  • Go Keyboard 

Inclusively, Go Keyboard features 800+ free emoji & smileys, 1000+ stylish themes and plugins, "highly configurable toolbar in keyboard area", layer (QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY) supports for gesture typing, and multiple languages.
As at the time of publishing this post, Go Keyboard has approx. 68.7% 5-star rating on Google Play Store.

  • Google keyboard

From the owners of Android OS itself, Google keyboard is developed by GoogleGoogle has said it all; however I'll like to add that if you need something that is not too stylish and not too featureless at the same time, go for Google keyboard.

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