Best 5 Torrent Apps for Android

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Best 5 Torrent Apps for Android
There is always a need to get some digital goodies as fast as you can. Thankfully there are some great apps to help you do that. Gone are the days of downloading content on your PC and painfully transferring it to your smartphone. With torrent apps you get full download speeds right on your Android device.Android is one of the few modern mobile platforms that allow a fully functional torrent client. After all, torrents are not exactly known to be legal sources of material, despite being used to distribute not only pirated content, but also free and freely shared files  — custom ROMs for example. .  To be honest it’s hard to go back, now that awesome apps give you torrent downloads within minutes on your phone.Thankfully, despite the controversy over torrents, there are many great applications on the Play Store that handle them. Below is a selection of the best


tTorrent is one of the best torrent apps for Android. The app offers a lot of features like multiple torrent downloading, proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP), Wi-Fi only mode, IP filtering support, local peer discovery, etc. It also has web browser integration that makes it easier for you to download your torrent files.


  1. uability to download many torrents simultaneously
  2. utorrent search
  3. uability to integrate with your favorite web browser
  4. usupports both https or socks proxies
  5. uability to encrypt web traffic.


BitTorrent is without a doubt the most widely used Torrent client for downloading files on desktop computer, and now it is available for Android. This app is very easy to use and has a very beautiful and clean design. You can search for any torrent file and download it on your Android device directly.


  1. Include- Wi-Fi mode use only
  2. Ability to download various torrents simultaneously
  3. Ability to play a file before downloading
  4. Ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to RSS feeds
  5. A long list of excessive content


µTorrent is another popular BitTorrent client for computers. This app comes with unlimited download speed and file sizes, RSS subscription, WiFi-only mode and torrent search. You can easily find the torrents files for the contents you are looking for and start downloading it right away.


  • It has a different menu for increasing download speed and decreasing upload speed.
  • Streaming of video can be viewed even when downloading is going on to see if the video is good enough.
  • It is safer to use compared to other torrents.
  • Has the feature of starting downloading as you switch on your device.
  • Magnet links- are designed as an alternative to traditional tracker torrent files and became popularized when sites such as The Pirate Bay included native support for the format.
  • The utorrent also provides different downloader unites to work under one hub so as to make the downloading easy and dynamic.


aTorrent is a native P2P bittorrent client for Android. It has a torrent search dialog box where you can search your torrent files. You can also pause your downloads when your battery is low.

  1. ability to open torrents from the browser
  2. supports multiple parallel downloading
  3. supports a wide array of protocols
  4. supports large files for downloading
  5. the ability to download only when you are connected to internet via Wi-Fi


SmartTorrent is a powerful and feature rich torrent client for Android that works well on most new devices. Regarded by many as one of the best torrent clients for Android, it didn’t fail to impress in our testing. This is undoubtedly one of the fastest torrent clients available today and a favorite among more seasoned torrent users.


  1. Multiple simultaneous torrent downloads
  2. Set file priorities (Ignore,Low,Normal,High)
  3. “Wifi Only” download mode
  4. Limit torrent download/upload speeds
  5. Proxy Support
  6. Port Configuration

With the best torrent app for Android on your side, you will never miss any important file. Downloading torrents was never this easy, and with the power of the portable app, it has become convenient too. Large freeware software and copyrighted free music is now on your fingertips. What do you like to download from torrent apps? Tell us your own download stories in the comments below.


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