How to Access Blocked Websites from Anywhere

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Access Blocked Websites from Anywhere
In many collages schools and offices, the management use to block many social networking and useful websites due to various reasons. Even our favorite sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G MAIL, MYSPACE, HI5, and FREINDSTER are getting blocked these days. This article will let you know about the all possible ways to unblock websites on internet so that you can access the blocked websites easily. By using the below mentioned tricks you can unblock and open almost any websites on internet.Here’s few tricks using which you can bypass the restrictions and surf like normal, but please check with your local authorities before using them. We will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any

Redirection With Short URL Service

Sometimes the URL you intend to browse might be ban, but converting them to another a shorter URL with short URL services might just help you to bypass the settings.

Use a Proxy Server

The quickest and easiest way to access a blocked website is to use a proxy. A proxy is a website located somewhere else in the world, that acts as a ‘proxy’ for you to access. So while the ISP may block direct access from your PC to Malaysiakini–it can’t block access from your PC to the proxy and the proxy to Malaysiakini.

Use IP address instead of domain name

Collages/schools and websites normally block websites using some software’s in which they enter URL’s of the Websites they need to block, so that whenever if you enter the domain name of any website they will simply get blocked. So you can access those websites if you enter the IP address of the websites

Google Cache

Google store the cache of each and every website often. You can access the cache of any website using googles old CACHE. Just search for the BLOCKED website which you need to open and click on the CHACHE link below the search results as shown in the below screen shoot.

Receive by Email

With a services like Web2Mail Lite, you can access any web page right from your email account. To request an instant delivery of any web page, simply send an email to Be sure to enter the URL address of the web page you want to receive in the subject of your message. You’ll usually receive a reply within 5 minutes.

Bypass With Translations Services

Online translation services like AltaVista BabelFish, Google Translate allows you to translate a website from one language to another and display the translated results on their own page.The trick here is to enter the URL (website you’re blocked), retranslate it even if you don’t need to and let Google or AltaVista fetch you the content.

Subscribe To RSS Feed

This might not work for all sites, but if the site you intended to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with a RSS reader, or have it regularly send the contents to your email

Browsing on HTTPS connection

HTTPS is nothing but of the secure connection, where data will be encrypted. This trick will work in many colleges and schools (This trick even worked in my Collage). Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS and try to access the website. For example you need to visit try and try to access the site.

So have you tried any other tricks to open blocked websites?Do let us know through your comments.Don't forget to share this article with your friends.


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