How Social Media Helps to Get a Job

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How Social Media Helps to Get a Job

Over the past decade, social media and technology have become integral parts of nearly every activity we undertake.Employers, both current and future, look you up online. And not just your LinkedIn profile—most of them will also click any public social network links that are floating around. So you mayknow that posting too much personal information on social media can trash your career or keep you from getting the job of your dreams. But, you can also leverage social media and use it to your advantage when hunting for a job. Here are some ways to put social media to work helping you find a job.

Broaden Your Network

Get started using Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with influential people working for organizations you wish to work for or doing work you wish to do. Both platforms are all about having conversations and connecting with people.

Cultivate Relationships

Social media could help you to make new business contacts, but how do you get them to help you get a job? If you think about it like cultivating relationships in real life, you could avoid being creepy and encourage people to help you in your quest.

Supplement Your Resume

Your LinkedIn profile should contain more than just a copy of your resume. Use your profile to show employers the totality of your professional experience. All those things you haven't included on your resume could give you an edge on LinkedIn.

Get Public Support

LinkedIn allows your connections to write you recommendations, that can give recruiters an excellent picture of you in the workplace. It could also  demonstrate that someone else could vouch for the skills you claim to have. Those incentives of a complete profile make you a better candidate by setting you apart.

Build a Social Resume

If you find yourself stuck when using social media and tech to find a job, a few companies have stepped up to help you through consultation. Meet with a specialist about cultivating a social resume that could make you desirable to the organizations you apply to.

Get Updates on New Opportunities

Use your email, preferred search engine to set up custom job search alerts. Doing so will alert you to new opportunities as they are posted so you don't have to comb the entire internet looking for new postings every day.

Look for Work On-The-Go

Take the job search from your home computer to the palm of your hand. There are smart phone apps which enable you to edit your resume, prep for interviews, or schedule lunch meetings right from your phone.

See Limitations in Your Job Search

There is no silver bullet for landing a job. Social media and technology are great tools you could use to give you access to a broader network and new opportunities, but only in conjunction with old-fashioned, in-person tactics. Be aware of the limitations of what new technologies could do in your job hunt.

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