Smart Tips to Make Your Call to Action Button Eye Catching

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The objective of call-to-action (CTA) is to acquire more number of visitors clicking on your website and also finishing a conversion. You utilize the call-to-action buttons on your site, and on your landing pages for showing your users on the way to your goal conversion so that they click on them. CTA buttons ranges in size as well as in style relying on your site style as well as your goal conversion. Few significant examples of call-to-action buttons include Free trial sign-up buttons, Add to cart buttons and Download buttons.

 Utilize Action-Packed Text

Call-to-action characterizes stunning action-packed texts. You can alternate dull works such as enter and submit for action-oriented words like reserve, try and get. These words should keep to particular text that recounts to your offer, such as Reserve Your Seat, Try Our Free Trial, and Download Whitepaxper. 

Big and Comprehensible Text

You should make sure that your button text should be big so that it can be read in a simple way and it can draw great attention towards it, but not very large that it entirely overpowers the rest of the text content. 

Contrasting Colour

Despite extensive research, there is no one magical colour to up conversions. What is important is colour usage and contrast.

For the call-to-action to draw attention, make use of white space and contrasting colours  as an example above with a bright blue button on a dark banner sitting on a white background.

A Clickable Shape

The design of any call-to-action needs to appear clickable and this is best done with a button.So you should try to make the shape of the button proper.

 Complementary Font

Just like with colour, a font that is different from the rest of the text on the page will emphasize the call-to-action.

A/B Testing

There are things that don’t work in a call-to-action, but there’s no single magic colour, font, wording or placement that converts for all companies. So the most important step is to conduct A/B tests to see what visitors to the site actually respond to.

Create the same offer with variations in colour, font, wording, placement or size. For example, you may create a blue version and a red version. Test which gets more clicks and conversions and then use those results in future offers.

Hope you find the article helpful and it helps to implement a eye catching button for your site to get more clicks.


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