Best Logo Generators

Every business wants to be a brand. It is always good that you create a strong online presence as a brand. When it comes to creating a successful branding strategy for your blog or business website, you cannot ignore the importance of an eye catching logo.
If you are new to online business or blogging, then you may do not want to invest the huge amount to create a successful logo.

Today I am going to share about the most impactful free logo generators that will help you to easily create a professional logo for your blog or websites.

1) Logojoy:

Logojoy is itself a brand when it comes to creating free professional logo for your blog or business. Till now millions of logos are generated using Logojoy free logo maker.
Creating logos using logojoy is not just easy but a fun experience.
2) Canva:

Canva is not just a popular place to build infographic but also known as for its Logo maker. There are so many designs that are available on canva to help you easily design a logo for your blog.
You can easily design a stunning logo using canva logo maker.
3) LogoGarden

Do you want to create a logo for your new website with so many design inspirations? If yes, then logogarden is for you. Will so many option you can easily create various logo formats.
4) GraphicSprings

Graphicsprings is one of the popular logo makers. You can use it to create professionally designed logos.
5) designmantic:

DesignMatic is also one of the most popular sites to generate logos. You can icons, designs, color and fonts to create unique logo for your website.

These are the top 5 best logo generators online. Try them.

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The Little Red Dress Photo Shots

Fine delicate skin, hair ripples over my shoulders, seduction in a little red lace dress, and snow white high heels! That is my choice for the warm spring afternoons! My outfit reminds me of the movie " Young and beautiful" and its muse! Hello Sunshine! I welcome your refreshing pleasant beams playing on my skin after the long cold winter!

I offer to your attention this beautiful collection of red dress outfits to delight you and inspire you. Enjoy!

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Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual SE7751 Epilator Review

Product Description:
With 40 Close-Grip tweezers and integrating the Gillette Venus technology, this unique dual epilator provides the most thorough epilation and exfoliation in one step. You get the best short hair removal from Braun, plus the instant, unbeatable smoothness of shaving – in a single stroke. And, for extra comfort, the Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator is cordless, so it can also be used Wet or Dry, in the bath or shower, for a new skin feeling. 9 out of 10 women voted it the best epilator they have ever tried.
A shaver head and trimmer cap are included to convert your epilator into a full-fledged electric shaver. Best Wet and Dry
 The Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator was designed specifically for epilation in warm water. Warm water is relaxing and soothing. The warmth improves your circulation and increase the comfort of your experience while making your skin less sensitive.

My Experience with Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual SE7751 Epilator:

When I opened the box, it was absolutely magical. I have used Philips and Remington epilators before, but this one by Braun is a class apart. No matter how many epilators I might have seen, the heavy body and twinkling pattern on Braun is mind blowing. The product feels super sturdy and the tweezers are packed differently. With its Venus razor blade attachment, it’s good for girls who are not willing to move to epilation.
What this does with the shaver+epilation head is that it epilates in one go, and while sweeping, it cuts off any hair that has been left behind. This claims to bring your hair growth cycle to regular and even, in four weeks time. After the first week, the hair that has been shaved grows back to epilation length in the second week, and so on! In four weeks, all the hair has been epilated once at least, shaving is not necessary then.
The razor head can be interchanged with the regular epilation head in the following month. On the downside, you have to use the same razor head 4 times, even if once a week.  This razor blade head also helps to remove any ingrown hair easily so that they grow upto epilation length. This epilator is cordless, it charges fast and can be used up to 40 minutes continuously on full charge. Charging is super easy but the charging plug into the epilator feels very loose on my epilator. It blinks while it is being charged.
Now about the epilation, this pulls about the hardest hair in one or two sweeps. On a regular epilator, you might have to run it over for 4-5 times. This seems less painful than any other epilator I have tried in the past. I simply love the pretty colors on it. The epilator is watertight and the blue cover can be removed and washed. I love it because my hands sweat and the grip really helps. The epiltor can be cleaned under running water, I like to remove the tweezing head and wash it separately as well. I also love the way the two speed button works on being twisted in a circular motion.
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Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet Review

Nowadays, I am pretty obsessed with good skincare products and this made me pick up some face mask sheets from the Australian skin care brand called, “ SKIN REPUBLIC “. Read on to find out how this product fared for me.
Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet Review
Price: $7.99 AUD ( 1 sheet /25 ml) 
Product Description:
Infused with brightening and radiance enhancing ingredients Vitamin C, E and 7 Plant Extracts which gently reduce the visible appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections for an even skin tone. Revitalises and brightens the skin whilst supplying hydrating nutrients to reveal a radiant, bright and luminous complexion.
• Reduces the visible appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections
• Brightens and evens skin tone
• Antioxidant and moisture rich
Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet Review4

My Experience with Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet:

Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet Review1
I love sheet masks but, I have to be quite honest and admit that I rarely use them. The reason why I don’t use them is mainly due to time, it requires a lot of pampering time which is quite rare when you have a 16-month-old toddler running around the house!
Skin Republic is an Australian brand specialising only in sheet masks. Having said that, Skin Republic’s facial sheet masks are made in Korea so, you can be sure about how they function and they feel pretty much the same as most Korean facial sheet masks are. There are 12 products in Skin Republic’s range of masks. There are 6 facial sheet masks, an under-eye mask, a neck and decolletage mask and 4 types of hand and foot sheet masks. Today, I’ll be talking about their facial sheet masks which are, in my opinion, pretty damn good.
Anyway, onto the Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet; it comes in a plastic pouch that is soaked in the serum. The mask contains Vitamin C to help slow down free-radical damage, Vitamin E to reduce sun damage, reduce skin inflammation, increase firmness, and improve the tone and texture of the skin. It also contains mulberry, liquorice, allantoin, green tea and coffee bean extract, all of which helps to bright the skin, increase water contents in the skin and support cells, promotes cell replication and healing of wounds and scars, and tightening the skin
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