Some Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Android

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Some Effective Ways to Speed Up Your AndroidAndroid mobile phone users around the world are growing rapidly, a wide range of android mobiles are available in the market from cheaper ones with lower specs to the pricey ones with robust specifications. Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive android phone so they settle for a budget android phone which comes as a value for money for them.

Some users notice their android phone runing slower over the time, a slow android phone can be very irritating. The primary reason behind a android phone running slower and lagging is due to its limited specification i.e limited RAM and a slow CPU. Dont blame the phone or Android OS, you got the best product for the price you paid. The problem arises when you start stuffing your phone with every app you find interesting on the android market which eventually results in consumption of excessive RAM and high CPU usage.

The solution to a slow android phone is to free up a reasonable amount of RAM and remove junk apps that you might never use. This gives your android phone a breathing space to perform essential tasks and run apps without a hiccup. You just need to know a few tricks to make your android phone run faster and have a better experience on Android OS.

Use a Different Launcher

Think about using a home alternative. There are quite a few third party launchers out there that you can use. They are an alternative to the launcher that comes with the Android. The Android home is quite complex and takes up a fair amount of memory, RAM and processor power. A third party launcher offers a strip down all of these functions, so that you are just presented with a simple launching program.

Lower Your Settings 

The home page (home/home screen) may often have its settings lowered to a level that requires less processor power or memory. It is like when you play PC games and you lower the graphics so that you can play the game without it getting jerky. A similar thing may be done with an Android in many cases.

Turn off the Animations 

This is a very effective way to speed up your slow android phone, turn off the animations and you will instantly notice a quicker performance on your android phone. Android animation effects can be turned off under display settings, simply press the menu button > settings > display > animations > turn off animation.

Disable the Plugin Browser 

This is another thing you can do to increase the speed of your Android. It removes yet another element that slowly sucks your processor power and memory. It is a little drag factor that you may remove. Here is how you do it:

Open Browser > Settings > Plugins.

Don't Use Live Wallpaper

It looks pretty and it makes using your Android a little more interesting, but it does have a drag factor on the performance of your Android phone. So, it is better if you do not use live wallpaper.

Clear Out Your Apps Every Now and Again

Uninstall any applications that are not used anymore (unless they cost you a lot of money). If you have apps that you use very infrequently (maybe such as a currency converter), but that was also free, you should delete it. If you need the free app then you can just download it. Removing apps will free up some memory space. Memory usage will affect your Androids performance. Imagine that your Android OS is a librarian, and the apps are books in the Library. If there are fewer books then the librarian will find your Where’s Wally books faster.

Remove Unused Android Applications

This basically applies to other mobile OS too, do not over stuff your phone with apps and games, uninstall of all such android apps which you never use. Ususaly we install an app from android market and if we dont like it we just leave it right there, there are lots of free apps and games on the android market to try out, but its much better to keep only those apps which are useful to you and uninstall all the unnecessary apps. We use to make the same mistake untill we realized that there were still some processes running in the background which were related to unused apps.

Its not necessary that you need to impliment all the above steps on a slow android phone , but as we said earlier it mostly depends on the specifications of your android phone.So do you know any other ways to speed up your android smartphone?Do share with us by commenting below.


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