Ultimate Ways to Get a Job at Google

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Ultimate Ways to Get a Job at Google

                                                 You probably know the fact that presently Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Google has become the inevitable part of everyone’s life. Be it information gaining purpose or any other matter, most of the people Google it first. So how about getting a job at Google? Unfortunately most of the people do not know how to get a job at Google and probably you are also one of them. Well, there is nothing to lose hope,rather you can also be a part of Google family.

What Is The Single Hardest Question They Might Ask You When Interviewing at Google?

“What number comes next in this sequence: 10, 9, 60, 90, 70, 66…?”

The question is hard because you either see the “trick” or you do not. Nothing you learned in school/college is likely to help. Try spelling out the numbers and you’ll find that they are in order of the number of letters in the word. “Sixty-six” has eight letters, so the next number must have nine. One possible answer is “ninety-six.”

What Number Of Interview Rounds You Have To Go Trough and How Many People Survive Each Round?

Google applicants have to go through about five interviews. The company’s human resources people have given a lot of thought in this number. They believe in the “wisdom of crowds,” so they wish to have multiple opinions of each applicant,but they’re done research and found little or no marginal value after five interviews. Normally every applicant goes through all these five rounds of interview process,but there are exceptions,where a candidate is clearly unsuitable after the first couple of interviews.

What Kind of Intelligence You Need to Solve The Puzzles They Give You During Interviews?

They wish to have many types of intelligence. Google’s interviewers try to design questions that test (1) whether you know your field of expertise or not; (2) whether you can apply that you know in an unfamiliar context; and (3) either you can make “creative” leaps to arrive at a solution or not. Their best questions operate on all these levels.

How Do You Go About Getting a Leg Up On The Competition?

This is not just about getting a “right answer.” They’re interested in your thought process, and your whole explanation counts. Cause these are really difficult questions, the first answer or approach that pops into your head is almost always wrong.

That provides a way to get a running start on your answer: Explain to the interviewer how this “obvious” approach fails. You are expected to brainstorm various approaches, but be sure you tie it all together at the end. The last thing a technology company wishes is someone who never brings a project to completion.

Who Should Never Apply For Jobs at Google and Why?

Google is very clear about who they wants, extremely bright extroverts. The company is founded on intensive collaboration. This is reflected even in the  layout of their office, with only a handful of private offices. (When employees feel an occasional need for privacy, they seek out an empty conference room.) The stereotypical engineer,someone who works best alone and hates distractions is probably not a good fit for their company..

According to the Fortune Magazine Google has been listed as one of the best companies with excellent working ambience. But as I told before that you should know how to get a job at Google. Just like any other job, there are also some procedures that you should follow properly.
Google believes “Happy people are more productive and they perform really better” and that is the reason why Google mainly focuses on the comfort and welfare of each employee in the company. The best part of Google is that this company strongly believes that a company should really work hard to satisfy their employees.


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