Top 10 Expensive Hobbies in the World

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Top 10 Expensive Hobbies in the WorldHobbies are simply fun activities that people enjoy doing during their free time. Since different people have different tastes and preferences, hobbies vary from one person to another. There are people who love reading and there are others who prefer swimming or cycling. In this article, our focus will be on expensive hobbies of the rich and famous. Forget about reading and cycling for a minute and think about how the rich spend their free time.

Some of the hobbies the rich prefer cost a fortune to engage in. The rich, however, choose these hobbies over many other cheap ones simply because they can afford them. The expensive hobbies that will be featured in this article cost a fortune to pursue from the eyes of ordinary citizens. Most people actually see no reasons to engage in such hobbies when they have the option of spending less than $100 to have a good time. What most of these people fail to understand is that they would probably pursue the same hobbies the rich pursue if money wasn’t a limiting factor.

Do you think you are spending too much money on your hobby? Everyone deserves (and should have) a good hobby to unleash their creativity or just to pass some quality time. However, some hobbies come with an exaggerated expensive price tag. Here are the TOP 10 most expensive hobbies you could spend your life’s earnings on.

Race Car Driving

Race car driving also makes it to this list because this hobby is extremely fun and expensive at the same time. Every race car fanatic wants to spend their free time driving one of the fastest race cars on the planet. The problem is this hobby costs a fortune. A 15 minute race car driving experience on a professional race car track costs approximately $360 excluding annual registration fees and other costs such as insurance. The best way to enjoy this hobby is actually owning a race car which can easily surpass the $1 million mark. Judging from this, race car driving is clearly out of the reach of ordinary citizens which is why it makes it to this list.


Most people dream about sailing around the world: exploring exotic port cities, shopping in bazaars, and sending photos to envious family members at home. Venturing in a safe and luxurious cruiser that has the latest navigation technology and multiple staterooms is imperative. The 45 foot Hunter Sloop might set you back $300,000, but it will keep you on course. Plan on a lifetime of investing in marine gear and upgrades for your vessel.

Mountain Climbing

Mount Everest looms as the dream of every climber. Weeks of camaraderie at base camps, short climbs, and Sherpa guidance make Everest a premier human experience. The steep fee of $60,000, however, will keep most hobbyists grounded.


To join the sport of royals, expect to pay at least $8,000 yearly to be a member at a polo club. A decent horse starts at about $20,000, and will cost $1,500 per month in stabling and vet care. Between saddles, gear, and boots, guestimate another $5,000. And once you start traveling to play, don’t forget a trailer and a pickup truck

Boat Racing

Speed limits are one of the few banes of life in America. But invest in a cigarette boat, and you could be flying over the ocean at over 100 miles per hour. If you’re on a budget, you can pick up a 10-year old 38’ Top Gun Twin Step for a mere $160,000. With two 700hps engines driving those propellers, you’ll have to save some of your milk money for gas.

Hot Air Balloon

To experience flight the way the first aviators did in 1783, you’ll need a hot air balloon and a pilot’s license. A decent balloon will run $45,000, once you attend flight school for $3,500. And don’t forget to hire a crew to follow your path in a car, in case of difficulties or emergency landings. Beginning hot air balloon enthusiasts can indulge in an experience trip that will get them air bound at a fraction of the cost.

Challenging Climb

The climb besides bringing benefits to the body can please both and become a great hobby, but the cost to practice climbing is very high. For the beginner this physical activity classes and also the equipment that must be purchased are indicated and the lesson lasting 4 hours ago cost around 60 euros. The accessories needed to climb, as the footwear and ropes can cost 300 euros.

Piloting Plane

Nothing more adventurous than flying through the air flying! Yes, this is the hobby of a few privileged worldwide. Classes generate cost up to 400 euros, to vary according to the type of aircraft piloting.Takes a lot of practice, and then emerge costs as the rent of tickets, which can cost up to 200 euros plus tax per hour, plus travel to beginner 700 euros. Already the very small plane with engine costs hundreds of thousands of euros.

Collection of Luxury Cars

And second on the list is a collection luxury cars, as the name implies, is precious! In 2008, for example, the most expensive car of this type was the Ferrari 250 GT California in the year 1961 which was sold during the auction, the average of 8 million euros! There are 6 million collectors and 25 million people still interested.

Art Collection

The collection is amazing and very expensive for the art. On June 24, 2008 an auction of impressionist and modern art was done, and there was collection by Christie’s at around 170 million euros! In that event, the bassin aux Nympheas painting Le Artist Monet was bought for 40.9 million pounds, or nearly the amount of EUR 47 million.

Having a hobby means pleasure for many people, a habit that becomes focused on satisfying any special action. The hobby can involve any collection, sport, or competition, there are no limits when it comes to taste and personal satisfaction. Of course, for some, no matter what the financial value that can cost you.So,do you find your hobby on our list?


  1. Woah.. pricey hobbies. I've always wanted to try car racing but I'm good watching them on tv for now.. haha -kaycee

  2. Very nice hobbies for rich and famous people. Well, also, collecting beautiful women around the world.(men)

  3. These are indeed expensive hobbies. I think golf should be on this list too.

  4. Rich people can do everything they want most especially when money is involve. Hobbies that cost hundreds of dollars is just a cents to them. By the way, we cannot blame them, they have the money so let them enjoy.

  5. These are some hobbies!!! I don't think regular people can set aside a budget for these.