Best 5 College Jobs to Boost Your Resume

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College Jobs to Boost Your Resume

School is back in session! If you’re entering the fall semester sans internship, don’t fret. While you may feel like your career skills are getting rusty, there are plenty of other activities that you can do during the semester to keep your resume up-to-date, interesting and competitive. Here are five jobs to boost your resume during the semester that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Start a Unique,Off-Campus Project

By participating in unique projects that relate to your major, you can show future employers that you have a creative mind, an interest in trend-setting and the motivation to get things done.
As an example, if you're a marketing major, you might offer to set up or manage the social media website for a local radio station. Or, if you are a business major, you might hook up with a few friends and start a Beer-Pong tournament business where you sell team t-shirts and collect entrance fees. These outside projects show future employers that you are not all academic, and they allow you to connect with people who might be able to further your career after graduation.

Rewrite Your Resume for Action

With only an hour of investment, you can turn a boring resume into one that is super-charged.
Instead of treating your resume like an information dump, think of it more like a life list:
  1. What have you done? 
  2. What actions did you have to take at previous jobs?
  3. What skills do you know how to do that will set you apart from the crowd?
  4. Instead of saying, “I worked at Bob’s Burger Joint,” focus on what you did:
“At Bob’s Burger Joint, I managed customer complaints, organized team meetings, maintained the safety of serving areas and balanced daily financial accounts.”
Basically, you dealt with cranky customers, cleaned the store and worked with money, but all those action words make you sound great, don’t they?

 Go to The Cool Parties

Although we probably don’t need to tell you this, post-graduation employment is much less about what you know than about who you know. Even the most educated person in your college is going to need some good references to make their resume shine. So, go places where you’ll find the leaders of your particular field. If that means being a busboy or cigarette girl at the annual hospital Casino Night so that you can get a reference to enroll in your nursing program, make it happen.You can’t get references and referrals from people who don’t know you.

Choose High Interest and Unique Classes

A great way to become more attractive to future employers is by choosing courses now that will set you apart later. For example, if you are a biology student with an interest in going into medicine after college, consider a specialty course like Medical Ethics or Genetics.
These classes are interesting, fun and give future employers the impression that you are serious about making the most of your education experiences. In addition, unique specialization courses can make you incredibly attractive to employers if you choose ones that target new technologies, ideologies or practices.
For example, if you are a computer science major, taking courses in Computer Forensics or E-Discovery may open career opportunities just by virtue of their novelty in the field.

Start a Blog

When you eventually take your degree and resume to a potential employer, you will probably be doing it via an online job application, video conference or phone call. A great way to make yourself look even more attractive in these virtual job interviews is to already have an established online presence that makes you an authority in your field.

Critical thinking and machine aptitudes likewise will become an integral factor as you help understudies and managements who are experiencing difficulty logging in or who need to post a job. Also, think about the job-seek intelligence you'll splash up and the facetime you'll get with potential superint.


  1. This are great resume boosting tips, wish I've seen them before when i was still in college, maybe i would have a better starting job

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  5. Remarkable tips to follow! I also agree with blogging and making your online presence know. It is the internet era, with in-demand virtual meetings, after all.

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