6 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

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6 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

Spending an average of 40 hours per week at work can be physically and mentally draining, but the workplace can also be unhealthy in other ways as well. Sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause pain and other adverse effects, and there can also be nutritional traps, such as vending machines, that could contribute to weight gain.So here in this article we're going to provide you some top tips to stay healthy at workplace.

Eat Healthy

Most office workers will say that eating healthy poses the biggest challenge to their willpower. While the temptation to snack on junk food or sample goodies brought into the office is strong, moderation is key. Try to resist overdoing it, opting instead to limit yourself to what you try and when. Also, maintaining a healthy eating schedule on a regular basis will help minimize the effects of the occasional indulgence. Avoid lunches you know are unhealthy, such as greasy fast food. For mid-morning and afternoon snacks, stay away from the junk food that office vending machines are known for, such as chips and candy. Bringing in fruit, nuts, granola bars or a protein shake will hold you over just as well until your next meal, but without giving you that lethargic feeling that junk food will.

Lastly, avoid eating lunch at your desk whenever possible. While you may occasionally need that extra hour of work, without the time constraint of your lunch hour ending, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten, or for how long. Leaving the office for lunch gives you a time limit that will help curb overeating, as well as providing enough of a break to allow you to return to work feeling refreshed.

On a particularly busy day, the last thing you’re thinking about is whether you’re drinking enough water. Dehydration can cause a number of problems – from feeling sluggish at work to causing kidney stones and organ damage.

Take Frequent Breaks

According to a survey by workplace consulting group Right Management, only one in five office workers takes a lunch break away from his or her desk. However, the urge to forge ahead and continue working without a break can ultimately be counterproductive.The bottom line – make an effort to get away from your desk during the workday, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The break will allow you to return rejuvenated and improve your concentration level.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Considering how many hours you spend seated at work, making sure your body is in a natural and comfortable position is essential. If you sit or hold your hands or head in an awkward or crooked position, you will eventually feel pain in some form. Tension Neck Syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck is held in an awkward position for long periods of time, causing neck and shoulder pain. Similarly, prolonged use of a computer mouse and keyboard can cause pain, numbness or tingling in the hands and fingers, occasionally leading to tendinitis or carpet tunnel syndrome. Make sure that your posture is good and that you are always seated in a natural and comfortable position when working. Any discomfort you experience is sure to manifest in eventual pain and possible injury if allowed to continue.

 Find Some Alone Time

Studies have found that some privacy at work can boost job performance and satisfaction. Lack of privacy and control over the environment, on the other hand, can lead to elevated job stress, which can compromise the immune system.

Counteract this cycle by carving out time alone. Duck into an empty conference room or hang out in the stairwell -- any place that's relatively quiet and uninhabited for some portion of each day. You may find your stress levels decrease when you seek out peace and quiet on a regular basis.

Tune Out the Noise

Noise is among the biggest issues for people who work in open office environments, but it constitutes more than just a nuisance. Research has linked routine noise exposure to chronically elevated levels of the hormone epinephrine, which triggers the body's "fight or flight" response. This constantly elevated state can cause serious health problems.

Lower the decibel level in the office by using noise-canceling headphones. If you find it soothing to listen to music, play relaxing music designed for meditation or stress reduction.

Change the Work Environment Even Temporarily

If it's impossible to have privacy in the open office, try to work remotely on occasion. Take a laptop to a cafe to work? What about working from home one day a week? If that's not possible, schedule meetings off-site. Even a dollop of privacy may result in your feeling less tense.

Staying healthy while working 40+ hours a week in an office is a constant challenge, and throwing caution to the wind is always the easiest option. But with a little discipline and a lot of willpower, following the above advice should leave you feeling healthier and more productive during those long work hours. What advice do you have for maintaining your energy and concentration levels at work?


  1. I think having a balance life can really make you healthier and be able to manage the stress that work brings.

  2. Staying healthy at work is really a tough job.Thanks for the share.

  3. Taking a break and doing walks around the office has been my routine. Walking can actually tone down the stresses and help us think well.

  4. great way to beat stress at work, unfortunately not everyone will have the opportunity to do this at work:) www.toponmylist.com

  5. Achieving a balance between work and life can really make us healthier. We should learn to appreciate alone time and take breaks if we need them.

  6. One thing I like about my work is that it's home based so I'm definitely comfortable. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. When I was working in an office, I really found it difficult to eat healthy. It's mostly because the stress drove me towards the nearest McDonald's, and also because I would eat out almost every day. Now that I work from home, I try to eat better as much as I can. Though I have to admit, it's hard not to snack while working!

  8. I haven't tried working at the office but working here at home, my most difficult challenge is eating healthy! Ang hirap!!