Top 10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

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Top 10 Google Chrome Tips and TricksNowadays, almost everyone uses internet in the world and to browse internet you’ll need  internet browsers. There are many internet browsers but Google Chrome is one of the best among them. Apparently, Google Chrome is being used by many peoples because it is simple and fast.Google Chrome’s charm is its simplicity, it has a simple and clean window. Google Chrome loads webpages quicker than any other internet browsers and it can also run complex web applications without any difficulty. The Google Chrome also contains a search bar, which is known as OmniBox, it is present in the address bar. The OmniBox gives you the suggestion for your searches as well as auto-complete your searches for your ease. So, here are the top 10 best Google Chrome Tricks that every Google Chrome user should know

 Make Chrome faster

Google Chrome might become slow after so many hours of using it. The first method you need to try to fix it is to restart your browser, but sometimes the problem could be a from a poor coded extension or even a website. So, after you restart your browser and the problem persist, then you must go to Tools -> Task Manager. Sort the list by Memory, choose the websites and extensions which are consuming more memory and click End Process.

Save Web Pages as PDFs

Google Chrome trick is cool as it is not known to so many of us. This has an inbuilt PDF writer. Just open any web page, press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on your Mac and choose “Save as PDF” from the list of available printers to download that page as a PDF file. Here in this process No extensions required.

Take Notes Inside  Chrome

You may definitely not know that you could take note with your Chrome browser. There are some great and awesome Chrome extensions which add notepad features onto your browser and there’s a little JavaScript hack which will instantly turn your Chrome into a text editor. You could also try it out now by yourself, open a new tab and paste ”data:text/html,<html contenteditable>” without quotes inside the chrome omnibox/address bar, Click anywhere inside the note and start typing.

Fit More Bookmarks in the Toolbar

Google Chrome features are so unique and powerful with this trick. You may wish to fix more bookmarks into the Bookmarks Toolbar of Chrome, just right-click any bookmark, choose Edit and remove everything in the Name field. Click on save and Chrome browser will only show the site’s favicon in the toolbar. You could always fix in as many more bookmarks into the same space.

Assign More Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome looks so great with these shortcut features a variety of keyboard shortcut features packed along with Chrome but you could also assign more custom shortcuts to launch various extensions and Chrome apps. Now type chrome://extensions in the browser Omnibox/address bar to open the Extensions page, scroll  down to the bottom and click on the link which says Keyboard Shortcuts, here you could add your own custom shortcut to your Chrome browser.

Delete Your Web History Collectively

As already known, Google Chrome’s history doesn’t have a “Select All” feature button so if you wish to delete so many pages (like 30 pages) from the history log, you’ll have to select 20 checkboxes. But with this simple trick you could delete it  easily at once. The trick is that you select the first checkbox, hold shift and select the final and last checkbox. Almost Everything in among will get selected and you would be able to delete it at once.

Change Your Current Location

You may wish to hide or change your current location while browsing with your Chrome for certain reasons or you might decide not to share Certain location data with the website like Google map. Go to Tools -> Developer Tools and press the Esc key once to open the console. Here change to the Emulation tab and enter any value for latitude and longitude, it will automatically change your current location on the browser.

Use  Chrome  as a Media Player

You could use your Google Chrome browser by dragging all your audio files, videos, images, text files, and even PDF documents from your desktop into the Chrome video and view them without using their respective dedicated viewer application.

Compose Emails from the Address bar

This is also great, but so many of us are unaware of this particular feature of Chrome. If you really wish to use your Gmail account to send mail, normally you have open and log in to your Gmail account, compose your mail and send. Alternatively, just go to the Omnibox/address bar and type the mailto command like this ”mailto: It will automatically open a Gmail compose window and would have auto-fill the recipient address into the field. All you have to do is to compose your message and send.

Pretend to be Using a Mobile View Browser

If you have paid internet connection, and they are charging more cost for PC users, you could pretend to be using a mobile. With this most websites will serve you mobile-friendly versions that are often light in size. Open your Google Chrome developer tools, switch to Emulation tab and select either Android or iOS as the User Agent and make sure Screen and Device emulation is off.

So, these were the top 10 best Google Chrome tricks that every Google Chrome user should know. These tricks will definitely improve your productivity and save your valuable time. We hope you’d like this article and if you have any queries then do let us know we’ll try our best to solve them. Plus, if you like this article then do share this with your friends and circles too.


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