Best 5 Android Browsers

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Best 5 Android Browsers
Nowadays, smart phones are considered to be more than just communicating devices. They play the additional role of a media player, manage information and data, act as a smart gaming device and help you perform all kinds of casual browsing activities too.Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change your entire experience with a device. Finding the right one can be difficult since most of them have a variety of features and focuses. Some focus on features, others on speed, and some try to do both. So which ones are the best? Click on the video above to watch it or keep going to read it.

Google Chrome

Chrome has left its beta stage finally; which means that it has new features that are compatible with all Android devices globally. So, if you are using Jelly bean or ICS on your device then it is a must to download Chrome. It supports bookmark syncing and mode browsing.

In its latest updates, it also supports tab syncing, search syncing and more.Chrome for Android has a very fast speed and it also optimizes the mobile for extraordinary browsing fun.

Mozila Firefox

This web browser is a legend in the field of personal computers but has launched its mobile browser very recently; and it is performing in an excellent way (right from the very beginning). Positive user reviews and its regular updates have made this browser very popular among users. Mozilla is very safe and boasts of benchmarked privacy features which make it safer for you to navigate for longer durations.

Here, you will find it easy to synchronize the history (and other) tabs, passwords and bookmarks alike.

UC Browser

This is a full featured web browser for the handheld devices. The browser is reputed for being the fastest among all the browsers and boasts of fantastic compression of data, stable functions and reliable download management tools. UC Browser was launched along with the cloud computing structure, which was pretty revolutionary at that time. There are two types of browsing facilities in this web browser–full function and data saving.

These features provide some of the best browsing experiences for users and are being downloaded with a lot of enthusiasm by pros and amateurs in the field of information technology.

It is also easy to navigate, has a set night mode and comes preset with plenty of browsing options.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a little bit like its big brother, Opera, insofar as it’s made by the same Norwegian company. But from a user perspective, the similarities pretty much end there.

Yes, you can connect up your settings, bookmarks, and so on from other devices using Opera Link, but it doesn’t have features such as ‘Discover’, while Speed Dial is decidedly less slick.

That said, Opera Mini is more about being fast and efficient for those on poor connections, or using lower-end devices, letting you choose whether to load images or not (and their quality), opt for a single-column view, and more. It’s about simplicity and saving money via its data-compression technology.Plus, for a ‘simple’ browser, it still packs in a fair amount of features, including a Smart Page for news and updates from your social networks, as well as saving pages for reading offline later.

Dolphin Browser

Along with Opera, Dolphin is one of the oldest and most-popular third-party browsers for Android – indeed, it claims more than eighty million downloads, which isn’t to be sniffed at. Dolphin is a genuinely beautiful Android browser, particularly since it was given a massive lick of paint last summer.

Dolphin offers a similar speed dial-style visual bookmarker to that of Opera, and it’s easy to switch between tabs. On that point, Dolphin was one of the earliest browsers to enable tabbed-browsing on Android. So there you go.

But where Dolphin sets itself a part is via the neat little pop-up menu that serves up a number of options – one of which is based around the notion of gestures. You simply draw a gesture on the screen, for example an ‘F-shape’, and associate that shape with a particular URL or browser action, and you will be able to initiate that action by using that gesture.

It’s very difficult to determine a best browser. Everyone has different needs and all of these browsers have unique features. So it’s perfectly possible that we may have missed a great browser. If we have an you want us to know, feel free to tell us in the comments.


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