Best Extensions to Reduce Google Chrome Memory

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Best Extensions to Reduce Google Chrome MemoryUndoubtedly Google chrome is now considered as one of the most powerful browser on web. It’s everywhere with pool of features and setting options according to your convenience. You have all freedom to use it the way you want it you just need to adjust the settings. The reason why we prefer google chrome over other browser is because of its considerably high speed compared to some other well known browser like Mozilla firefox, opera, safari etc. It also provides all other important features which makes it more productive then other browsers. It is good in many terms but if ram is considered as a resource it consumes high ram memory consumption. Which means that if you have many tabs opened, it keeps on loading infinite scrolling pages resulting in low processor speed which is kind of cons. Earlier we have suggested you some powerful tips to increase ram speed. Now here are some powerful tips to decrease excess of ram usage using google chrome extensions.


You really can’t go wrong with an extension with such a positive name, and FastestChrome is definitely as good as it suggests.

This extension speeds up Chrome by adding several built-in page options, looking up definitions, Wikipedia results and doing web searches all in the same tab so you don’t have to open up more tabs than necessary, which can really bog down memory usage in Chrome. It can also load the next page before you reach the end so there’s no waiting time.


As much as you may love Chrome, it’s a notorious RAM hogger. And one of the best ways to reduce this over-zealous RAM usage is to clump every tab open into a tidy list, a “bundle,” which can then be accessed via a toolbar icon. Having multiple tabs open the standard way in Chrome can double the RAM usage in some cases. If you’re a chronic multiple tab user, OneTab is the way to go.

Tab Outliner

For another slick way to control memory usage, Tab Outliner limits the number of open tabs you need open, slashing your memory usage significantly. And it does this by closing your tabs and saving them exactly where you left off by putting them in a vertical side window, so it’s as if they were never closed, but just waiting for you to come back and open them


Advertisements are curse… they keep on consuming time take you on other page.. really annoys you specially me. So if you want to block these advertisements then Adblock is a powerful blocking plugin. All websites support dvertisements to make money. Even youtube have advertisements now. It increases page loading time and moreover consumes more resources. So by using it you can easily get rid of this advertisement disesase of chrome.

The Great Suspender

Another effective way to limit RAM usage just because you have multiple tabs open is The Great Suspender extension. This clever extension lets you “park” your currently open tabs in Google Chrome. Not closing them completely, but instead muting them so the page components (Flash in a big one) aren’t constantly working. A paper bag icon in the toolbar represents this extension, to easily suspend and reload all tabs. You can also click anywhere on the page to unsuspend a tab


Similar to The Great Suspender but it will automatically monitor your tabs. Make sure you’ll not leave a tab idle. This extension also lets you set a timer for how long you want inactive tabs to be sit until they’re finally muted.

Flash Control

Flash contents like Flash Ads, Some online tools, videos, slideshows, carousels, etc, uses too much of your memory. What the extension does is, it stop flash content from being load. It doesn’t entirely block/remove flash content. So you can click on any flash element to load it when required.


Plain clothes make your chrome consume less memory and open websites faster by “unstyling” websites. What it does is, the extension loads only needed elements of a webpage. So, if you don’t care much about website’s look and style then you should install PlainClothes.

So these are the top 8 chrome extensions as per our knowledge.Have you tested anything else than these?Let us know through your comments.Don't forget to share this article with your friends on social networking sites.


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