Most Effective Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

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Most Effective Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog
Traffic for blog is very important to rank well in search engine. But that traffic should be in real way or relevant traffic. There are many rules to do SEO for your website and you have to follow that rules in order to rank. You have to increase traffic for your blog maintaining that rules and regulations. That rules are being updated after a certain time. You may ask that why is that rules for? It is to stop blackhat SEO or unfair SEO and to rank relevant websites when someone searches in Google with keywords.It is very tough for newbies to know the right way, which one should follow. Some times you think, you are doing things in a right ways but reality is opposite of you. So for these reasons, here in this article we'll tell you some basic and most important tips for your blog promotion and  i'll cover How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog for Free.

Quality Content

Content quality is the major and very effective way to get traffic for your blog. You have to share quality content for your readers. You need to find out the kind of content your readers like most. Make you content easy to understand, easy to read, choose a well readable font and size of that font, point out important matters with quote or marking with color.

Social Media

Increase your social media experience with Facebook, twitter, Google+ and others. Create an account or page in each and every one of them. Try to share your articles on there and also very helpful articles whether its not you articles. Follow people to follow you back and this works well in Google plus. Try to engage with your readers in social media by answering their questions and helping them. This will boost your social media traffic

Guest Blog

Few months ago there was some rumor that guest blogging is dead. But do you know that guest blogging is not dead? It’s dead for those who sells link to their blog. I told you before that if you do SEO in real way then its good for your blog and boost your traffic. Do not buy or exchange links while guest blogging. Always try to choose blogs that have at least page rank 4 for guest blogging. Before choosing you need to find out problems with that blog, try to check its ranking and SEO factors that the blog is good for search engines or not.

Article Directories 

Article directories are a wonderful way to get traffic and backlinks to your website. Users search for articles and after reading article, they usually follow a link at the bottom of the article to your website. This one is most important thing to follow for your blog traffic lifelong. Article directory submission sites list are best way to get quality back-links to your website.


Commenting on other blog related to your niche is also a very easy and lifelong trick to get traffic to your blog. So find the good blogs that allows to user’s comments, and put a comment with the link to your website


Forum is an online discussion website at where people make a conversation about posted message. All forum members are available to share your views about conversation. Members in forum get reputation and level according to their response which is made by him. Forum is grouped with subforums and subforums with thread. A single conversation is called thread and collection of thread is called subforums. Forum posting is a good method to get backlinks and traffic, but you need to contribute to the forums and not just spam them with your links. We recommend becoming an active member of forums that are related to your website.

There are lots of ways to increase traffic for your blog but you have to find out the fair one. Always try to increase organic traffic, stick with quality content, try to be active in Google+, share Google products links to your blog like YouTube or Google+ profile. Always try to be good in front of all the search engines, if you could do then you do not need to worry about the traffic, search engines will bring your traffic automatically.


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