How to Make Money Through a Blog?

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Make Money Through a Blog?
Internet is full of opportunities and One of those opportunities is online money making. You may have heard that many people are earning money through internet or by a blog. It is very much possible to make money online through a blog. A blog is basically an online diary or journal where you post attractive and useful blog posts which attract the readers. As much traffic you receive on your blog, your opportunities of money making through blog increases thus there is a great need of generating a good chunk of traffic on your blog.

The very first thing you need is an idea. The topic or niche on which you wish to start your blog. Make sure that you have ample of knowledge on that topic. After that, just buy a domain name, get hosting and set up your blog. Read more here about setting up your blog.

Once your blog is set up, start writing killer content for that blog so that you can generate traffic and so the money. Write content that are being searched by the people online. Keyword research can help you find the best keywords which are currently getting huge searches.

You might want to know how to make money through blog because just writing over there is not going to fill your pocket thus you need to monetize your blog.

Some Ways to  Make Money with Your Blog

  • Selling ad space
 You can sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. Generally, business websites tend to grab more traffic and for that they opt for advertising on high traffic blogs and sites. If your blog is getting enough traffic you can start selling the space.
  • Affiliate Marking
 Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money through your blog but it needs huge traffic. In this monetization way, you need to join affiliate program of a company, let’s say Amazon, then get products links from there and add them to your site. If there is any sales made, you will get commission.
  • Offer Your Services
As a blogger, there must have been lots of stuff you might have learnt over the course of your full or part time blogging. Things ranging from Blog Design, SEO services, banner designs and lots more. You can add a ‘Hire Me‘ page on your blog to give an easy way to your clients to contact you.
  • Sponsored Reviews
If your site has good stats as well as good traffic then you might be getting many review offers. In this, you need to write an honest review for the said product and publish on your blog with their link.
  • Being hired as a new blogger
Companies now hire professional bloggers to publish blogs about their company and on issues that concern their product along with company. They can also hire bloggers for making articles pertaining to an issue closely related to their own product which is some form of indirect selling. Also, bloggers get hired to manage and keep company information sites up-to-date on what’s new with him or her.

  •  CPM ads
CPM ads are in the form of banners ads but you don’t earn per click rather you get money for impressions. CPM stands for Cost per Thousand impressions. This is hugely based on your site’s page views. More page views means more earning.
  • Selling a product
This one goes for blogs which attract huge amount of traffic. You can start selling your own product and can fulfill you dream of starting your own business. Make sure the product you are selling is related to the niche of your blog.

This is certainly a general overview of blogging for the money, which is a big picture. But do end up being reassured of its family member ease. The most important thing is just to create a start. Identify what you intend to write the blog about, register a free writing a blog account at Blogspot or perhaps WordPress, and then start out posting! After that, you will surely pick up guidelines to help you about monetisation and driving traffic as you go along. Many internet marketers will say blog optimisation is a new lifelong learning process, so do not feel you will need to get it right first-time. Blogging for money need to be fun, so ensure you enjoy the process.


  1. I think the most common for Philippine bloggers are affiliate marketing, ad space and sponsored reviews. I have applied for Lazada but I have to admit, I still have to understand their program more regarding affiliated links. I'm still getting confused! Hehe.

  2. I have an email for CPM but I'm still not sure if the company is legit. I might not get paid from them.

  3. i have been hearing about affiliate marketing but still wary about it. some says its will make your site load slower? any comment on this?